This should be considered pre-alpha code. It should not be used in production environments. Intentionally, no security measures are included to lock down access to the CMS tools provided. Additionally, as documented on some security websites, the previous release (this one included) is vulnerable to PHP code injection. This is a TEST release. If you intend to use simplePMS for non-testing purposes, be aware of these implications. Please feel free to modify code to close security holes or to submit patches to the project.
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Welcome to the simplePMS project website, hosted by simplePMS is a content management system written in PHP designed to be easy to use and adaptable for any website.
0.1.4 pre-alpha Released
posted by Project Administrator
June 30 2009: 10:09 PM
simplePMS version 0.1.4 pre-alpha has been released. It features a new look (which this website sports), and helps make dealing with PMS slightly less frustrating.

New Release
posted by Project Administrator
July 14 2009: 4:13 PM
Progress has been made by project developers to implement security protocols that address serious issues present in previous releases. An new version of simplePMS will be released shortly. A sneak-peak at 0.1-5pre:
  • Login system for site administration
  • Input sanitation
  • No databases required, as always!
We hope this release comes that much closer to being your one-stop for your CMS PMS needs.